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Sublimation printing is a process when an image is applied to polyester fabric. In order to do that sublimation ink is actually first applied to an intermediate surface - the sublimation paper. After that, the ink (as gas) gets transferred to the polyester fabric pressed tightly against the paper in a thermo-press in high temperature. Digital sublimation printing is done specifically by printing images on sublimation paper with sublimation ink using an inkjet printer.

Sublimation paper is very different form plotter and photo paper. Its coating prevents ink from absorption, keeping it on the surface. At the same time, the coating allows for ink to wet the surface while it prevents it from spreading. The ink almost completely evaporates during the thermal transfer and gets absorbed by polyester fabric. The coating of the sublimation paper does not retain any ink on its surface.

The more ink the paper can hold without any loss in image sharpness or moistening and the better it releases ink - the better is the paper.

Digital sublimation printing is used in production of single custom or limited amounts of items:

  • banners, pennants and other signs;
  • flags and banners for outdoors decorations
  • exhibition signs - partition walls, screens, banners and flags
  • sports clothing and bathing suits
  • advertising, club clothes and uniforms
  • cinema, shows and theater decorations
  • stretch ceilings and tapestry
  • curtains and blinds
  • screens and furniture upholstery
  • portraits, painting reproductions
  • upholstery in cars, planes and yachts.

Successfully tested!
We ran tests to confirm the compatibility between JASPER thermo-transfer paper and a popular inkjet sublimation plotter Epson 9800 ( in our test lab. We used Sawgrass inks ( in these tests.

We tested for consistency of geometrical dimensions under varying temperatures and transfer times, for the amount of wrinklage caused heavy color fill, and we also checked for consistency in properties of the paper in relative humidity ranging from 35% to 70%.

The test results have proven that JASPER sublimation paper is definitely a product that we recommend for use with Epson plotters Series 9800, 7800, 4800. The detailed test data is available upon request.

New format media!
JASPER announces reduced format media in rolls 420mm, 615mm and 920mm wide. The new reduced format is great for printing on clothing and smaller items.

successfully tested EPSON 9800

new reduced format media 120,132,152 cm
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