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McCoulin Jasper Inc. was founded in 2007 by a few enthusiasts - scientists specializing in inkjet printing paper. A detailed analysis of products of the industry leaders and of the products developed by the company research lab resulted in the paper for digital sublimation printing with unique properties. It is manufactured at common production facilities with the use of the latest nanotechnology.

The high quality development and optimization of the production process provided for creation of Jasper paper with unique properties for digital sublimation printing as well as for cost and efficiency. It stands out because of its highly attractive price and the capacity for high speed high resolution printing of most demanding and intense designs.

The success of Jasper paper on American and Asian markets inspired our European partners for its promotion in Eastern Europe. And we are glad to confirm that there has been excellent feedback already.

Jasper team is moving forward and beyond its current achievements and puts lots of its effort to improve the product and make it more affordable. We believe we will continue our progress and achieve new goals with our clients.

Successfully tested!
We ran tests to confirm the compatibility between JASPER thermo-transfer paper and a popular inkjet sublimation plotter Epson 9800 (www.epson.com) in our test lab. We used Sawgrass inks (www.sawgrassink.com) in these tests.

We tested for consistency of geometrical dimensions under varying temperatures and transfer times, for the amount of wrinklage caused heavy color fill, and we also checked for consistency in properties of the paper in relative humidity ranging from 35% to 70%.

The test results have proven that JASPER sublimation paper is definitely a product that we recommend for use with Epson plotters Series 9800, 7800, 4800. The detailed test data is available upon request.

New format media!
JASPER announces reduced format media in rolls 420mm, 615mm and 920mm wide. The new reduced format is great for printing on clothing and smaller items.

successfully tested EPSON 9800

new reduced format media 120,132,152 cm
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